Yoga is an absolute exercise for body and mind. Practicing yoga offers not only physical health but also mental health, spiritual health, and social health. Its main philosophy is self-love, affection for your loved ones, the protection of nature and most importantly, respect for all. Yoga has significance since ancient times, and it is true that it has helped many of us and the people of that time to live a calm and balanced life.

The origin of the word Yoga was from Sanskrit, which means to “to unite.” Yoga exercises have a universal effect which brings everything into balance, including consciousness, mind, and soul.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Daily yoga practice, not just improves body’s flexibility and posture but also helps maintain the tone of your body muscles. Correcting of the position helps with proper alignment of the body. Further, it contributes to making your muscles strong and relieving you from pain from incorrect body posture.

You must have heard about good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Low deficiency lipoproteins (LDL) are bad for your body. They do not just increase your blood sugar level but also cause various sorts of heart diseases, kidney diseases and in worst cases, even blindness. Regular yoga helps in lowering low deficiency lipoprotein and thereby increases high deficiency lipoproteins, which a beneficial for your body. People with diabetes also benefit from yoga. It helps with their blood sugar level in several ways by lightly increasing sensitivity to insulin and also by lowering cortisol and adrenaline levels through the workout.

One of the most essential factor yoga encourages weight loss. Approximately 75% of the people perform yoga for this particular reason. This indeed is true. Yoga actually helps in losing extra pounds. It helps in boosting your metabolism. Following a good diet plan like eating more whole, organic food with regular yoga will help you get rid of your weight faster.

Yoga helps in better breathing. Pranayama, as it is called, is what is done in improving your breathing. It actually is done by deepening and slowing of each breath which activates our body’s parasympathetic system thereby increasing relaxation.

Another in the line is Energy. When yoga is done right, you will feel refreshed at the end of the workout instead of tired.
Yoga also helps to better your circulation, supplying more oxygen and nutrients to the body, keeping you fresh and fit. It dramatically affects cardiovascular function positively. Providing right amount of blood and nutrients to the brain, it helps in the betterment of your memory and consciousness.


To conclude, yoga, as proved by countless studies, is beneficial for our body and lifestyle. Along with health benefits, it provides us with religious freedom. If a person practices yoga with firm determination, success will be certain.