The “Raise Your Hand If …” Car Game Created by a 4-Year-Old | #SiblingLove #MamaMoment

The “Raise Your Hand If …” Car Game Created by a 4-Year-Old | #SiblingLove #MamaMoment

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to share one of my favorite things about parenting … watching my children develop a friendship that I hope lasts forever and only grows stronger.

Now, don’t get me wrong. They are just like every other set of siblings with their share of fighting, tattling, and thinking they want to kill each other at times.

But from very early on, they have been friends. As a rule much of the time, they play very well together.

And they are oh-so-protective of one another! My son absolutely hates seeing his sister upset. If she starts pitching a fit or crying because I’ve said no, his typical response is, “Just let her do it!” (Needless to say, he has had to learn to accept the fact that there will be times when his sister will be upset and that does not mean Mama is going to give in because he comes to her defense.)

Since he is the big brother, it normally has been him protecting or defending her. But just recently, the roles reversed.

It went like this …

Big brother had done something that he needed to be punished for. Sometimes when we are in the car and having a “mouth problem” or needing an attitude adjustment, the discipline comes in the form of mandatory silence for a period of time so that we can think over our attitude or behavior.

So on this occasion, we were heading towards the car when the discipline instructions were given. No longer did we get into the car, buckled in and on our way than Little Sister intervened on behalf of Big Brother!

Sometimes they like to play games in the car to avoid boredom. Well, Little Sister has a reputation for being quite smart and on this day that certainly showed in the creation on this day, spontaneously, of her own car game.

I heard, “Raise your hand if you want to be a monster truck driver.” Up shot Big Brother’s hand, and she giggled. “Raise your hand if you want to go up in a cherry picker.” Up goes Big Brother’s hand again... and more giggling.

And Mama just smiled.

Do your kids have a favorite car game?

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  1. I have 2 little boys, so they are ALL about cars and trucks. I think their remote control trucks are their favorites.

  2. It is great that they have such a wonderful relationship and are protective of each other. My youngest would love your daughters game, we will have to try it out on our car trip today.

    • Awww, Jennifer, I hope she does love it! It’s perfect for the little ones especially but even the 8-year-old enjoys playing it for a little while.

  3. Now THAT sounds like a fun game! We will be playing this while we camp.

  4. The sibling relationship is a very strong and unique bond. I only have 1 child but I have 2 sisters and we are incredibly close.

  5. That is so cute! Kids are so creative with the games they invent.
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  6. My son hasn’t made up car games (yet!) I know it’s coming. Right now we’re obsessed with finding emergency and construction vehicles when we’re driving around.
    Jaime recently posted…Mommy & Me Monday – Mother’s Day editionMy Profile

  7. PAm

    What a sweet story! I love that your kids get along like that. Mine went through a stage where they fought like cats and dogs but now they are fast friends.

  8. This sounds great! My littlest boys love sitting and rolling cars back and forth to each other. It’s not much of a game but they love it and keeps them occupied and from fighting!

    • That’s the important thing, right, Jeanine? Keeping them occupied and from fighting, lol … makes for a peaceful trip for everyone!

  9. My kids favorite car games are I-Spy. Even the little ones get in on it! Keeps them busy!

  10. That is super important. It is really nice that they share a special bond. It is their friendship that will last a lifetime.

  11. How wonderful! there is nothing like that crazy sibbling bond
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  12. This is so adorable. What a great way to bond!
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  13. Our favorite car game is to take the letters of a licence plate and make up a saying with the letters. It is a great way to pass the time.

  14. It’s so good to see them developing their relationship! If I had developed a similar relationship with my sisters, then maybe our relationship would’t be so strained today.
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  15. This is such a wonderful thing to know and have – relationship with siblings are one of the most beautiful things. :)
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  16. I am happy to read they have a great relationship. Siblings love is amazing. My son is into cars too
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  17. What a great post. I think my sons favorite game was trying to name the type of cars by just looking at them.

  18. My son is now 13 and for the longest while he was into his hot wheels. he is not so much anymore

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