How @WinterDolphin of the Dolphin Tale Movie Birthed a Dream

How @WinterDolphin of the Dolphin Tale Movie Birthed a Dream

Oh, the resistance I first received from my 4-year-old daughter when I suggested we watch the Dolphin Tale movie for family movie night!

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA). A special thank you to them for providing us with complimentary entrance into the aquarium in exchange for this post and for permission to use their photo (above).  All opinions expressed, however, are completely mine and not influenced in any way by CMA. And "the dream" belongs completely to my daughter, thanks to Winter. :)  This post also contains affiliate links.

My kids love movies, so we have family movie nights pretty regularly. We usually take turns picking out which movie we will watch together, and on this night it was Mama's turn! So Dolphin Tale it was.

It didn't take long at all before both of the kids were hooked! We actually watched Dolphin Tale 2 first because it was the one available that night at Redbox ... and because for some reason we generally tend to do things backwards.

But immediately, they were asking us all kinds of questions, trying to make sense of the story unfolding in Dolphin Tale 2. We kept encouraging them to keep watching for the answers to the questions we figured were coming as the story progressed.

They asked when it was finished if we could then watch the first Dolphin Tale movie, so we checked that one out from the library, and it was just as popular. Not long after watching these movies, my daughter began talking a lot about dolphins and about the possibility of becoming a Dolphin Trainer some day.

So as a part of the Travel Is... series, hosted by, I have written more about this dream of hers and how we will be traveling soon to help nurture that dream. Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which cares for Winter, the star dolphin of the Dolphin Tale movies, provides lots of opportunities for children to learn about their work and even help some of the Dolphin Trainers in their work.

Don't miss my post with more details! >>

Oh, and there is also a big giveaway that includes a Florida trip, but the entry deadline ends soon so head over now to enter that giveaway, too!

And stay tuned for all the details about our trip to Clearwater Marine Aquarium to meet Winter in Florida ... we are super excited!


Have you or your children ever had a dream birthed by a movie?



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  1. My husband’s grandmother also loves dolphins. She has her entire house decorated with a dolphin theme.
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  2. That is such a wonderful story. My kids have said things in passing after they watched a movie, but nothing they were super passionate about.

  3. This seems like such a wonderful tale – how amazing you are going to see Winter! x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…The perfect bedroomMy Profile

  4. Pam

    How cool that Dolphin Tale was so inspiring to your daughter! Becoming a dolphin trainer seems like a really cool job.

  5. After watching some movies, I see my daughter grow interest for a bit. I can remember watching some sort of medical movie with her when she was young, and for months she claimed she wanted to be doctor!

  6. My kids have been wanting to go see Winter. They love the movies, so touching!

  7. Should I just admit right now that the movie made me cry? So sweet!
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  8. Dolphins are my favorite animal. Being a dolphin trainer is my dream job.

  9. I have a collection of dolphins, my daughter also refused to watch dolphin tail with me but I manage to get her to watch it and she loved it and now loves dolphin collecting as much as I do. Anytime we see a stuff dolphin or a dolphin statue she points them out and says we must bring them home. I would love to swim with dolphins some day.
    I don’t know if Bella ever really said she wants to passionately do something because of a movie but there are things she says that she wants to try or do. Master Chief jr is a show that has inspired her to help me in the kitchen more and she does make some pretty great brownies for a 8 year old. Then there is cupcake wars and she loves baking cupcakes with me.

  10. I *just* heard about this movie today.. Apparently I am slow? It looked cute from what I saw.
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  11. Dolphins are such fascinating creatures. I can’t wait to see this.
    Amber NElson recently posted…Starting a Summer Lemonade Stand with Your ChildMy Profile

  12. It’s awesome that she’s so interested in dolphins. It’s cool how movies can have this sort of impact.
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  13. My kids loved both the dolphin tale movies. They are just like me and love marine life and bug to go see winter all the time. I’d love to take them!

  14. My kids loved both movies. Movies really make an impact and how nice that your daughter is interested in dolphins after seeing the film.
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  15. I loved the movie Dolphin Tale. My Daughter has decided to work with special need children. She was inspired by my friends little girl with Autism.

  16. No I can’t say my daughter birthed a dream as a result of a movie. Very cool that your child did.
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  17. How awesome that you are taking her to see Winter! As a kid, I dreamed of becoming a Disney animator, since I loved watching classic Disney movies.

  18. Loved the story ! My kids really enjoyed it as well, always inspiring for the young ones ( as with adults too) what a great theme to have for a birthday!

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