Family Travel Celebration and Giveaway Coming in May! #nttw

Family Travel Celebration and Giveaway Coming in May! #nttw

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Join us for a special family travel series for National Travel and Tourism Week, May 2-10. We are celebrating during the entire month of May in partnership with Word Traveling!
Each day during May, a different blogger will share what travel is to his/her family. I will be sharing on May 31, “Travel is Nurturing Your Child’s Dreams”.

Travel is so many things and can do so much for enriching our lives, helping us learn and grow.

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And for us, it was a part of our experience starting our family back in 2008, when we took our first international trip to complete the adoption of our son. That was such an amazing trip.

The flight from Charlotte, NC to Atlanta, GA was my first time ever being on an airplane. There was terrible turbulence, but I was so excited and focused on getting to Vietnam that it didn’t bother me as much as I’m sure it would have under different circumstances. I did pray pretty much nonstop though!

This year, we will be taking a trip inspired by our daughter and a new dream that was planted in her heart just recently. I believe strongly that a major part of our responsibility as parents is helping our children discover their passions and talents to help in their decision some day for what to do with their lives.

So many people end up in a career they don’t enjoy or in which they feel a lack of a sense of purpose or fulfillment. I hope to help my children avoid this and I can’t wait to share more about this trip we are planning as a part of this exciting series!

Family Travel Celebration and Giveaway for National Travel and Tourism Week

What about you? What is traveling to your family? Do you have any special travel planned for the coming summer months?

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  1. We are actually heading to DC a week from Saturday and the kids are so excited. Then this summer we are heading to Hershey!

  2. This sounds like a great series! We have only traveled out of the country once – I’d like to expand that a bit more soon!

  3. I think travel is so important. Not only does it give life experience and enrich lives, it’s a great way to share experiences with family to bond over!
    Theresa recently posted…The Lunch Lady’s PetMy Profile

  4. We are taking our whole family to Virginia Beach. We have a house rented with a pool to keep the kids busy. Last time we did this, everyone had a great time.
    Terry recently posted…Dr. Teri Jory’s POISE Fit & Fierce ~ Take Back Your CoreMy Profile

  5. Pam

    We love to travel as a family. My daughter and I are going on a mission trip to Haiti this year. She is thinking about adopting from Haiti someday.

  6. Travel is a BIG part of our lives. We have a family trip planned for San Antonio Texas this month.
    Alice Chase recently posted…Peepshi = Peeps + SushiMy Profile

  7. It is so true – travel helps bond and create fun with families – we so enjoyed many trips hiking, beaches, and more – even tho my son is grown, I’d love to take him with us on a major trip to enjoy again – giving him a lot more freedom on his own, of course! lol
    Donna Ward recently posted…Need Blog Design Tips To Convert?My Profile

  8. For our family, traveling is piling into the truck, hooking up the RV and camping along the river. Fun times and good memories.

  9. What a great idea for travelling with family. We are going to try to travel somewhere every year.
    Amber NElson recently posted…KID SAY WHAT: Bullying and BallsMy Profile

  10. I want to head back home (2.5 hours away) with my kiddos this summer. Beyond that we have no plans!

  11. I am looking forward to sharing the pieces of the world with my children. I have been lucky enough to travel. I would love to share it with my children.
    April G recently posted…Hot and Humid in FloridaMy Profile

  12. I cannot wait to travel with my future kiddos. I haven’t been to Vietnam, but I’m planning to bring my kids there since their dad grew up in Saigon :)
    Annie M recently posted…CMYE: Yelp Helps Appreciation PartyMy Profile

  13. What a great give away, this would be amazing for any family!

  14. Traveling with my family means time away from everyday life and creating fun memories that will last a lifetime.

  15. Traveling with family is a special memory to have that will definitely last a lifetime.
    Aisha Kristine Chong recently posted…Paris, London and NYC: Men’s Top #Fashion Trends from All Over the GlobeMy Profile

  16. I am traveling to Cincinnati in a couple of weeks then to Nashville in May! At the end of the year, we are taking a cruise to the Lesser Antilles!
    Dawn McAlexander recently posted…13 Awesome Things To See And Do In Ireland #sponsored #CharlotteJITIMy Profile

  17. Travel is an enriching life experience. We are heading to Myrtle Beach this summer
    ourfamilyworld recently posted…What Free Resources Are There for Coping with a Toddler Speech Delay?My Profile

  18. You have great travelling plan & it sounds very fun and interesting. I love to travel a lot & this is going to be very much helpful to me. Your daughter looks so cute & by the way, I love that giveaway as well.

  19. I do have a trip planned for Busch Gardens in Virginia and a trip to Charlotte for a soccer game but after that nothing else.
    Melissa Vera recently posted…Home Matters Linky Party #32My Profile

  20. Not sure what we will be doing for the summer break yet but a good vacation is always a treat for our family! Great bonding time.
    Paula Schuck recently posted…One Year Later: Happy Anniversary to Infertility Patients And What is Happening with IVF Funding in Ontario 2015 #ohip4ivf #onpoliMy Profile

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