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Dental Discount Plan

More than 100 million Americans don’t go to the dentist because they can’t afford it. Instead, they end up broke, in severe pain and struggling to get by.  ~Sarah Childress,

If you or someone you know needs help with dental expenses, look no further!  For less than $20 per month, you can save 20% to 80% on all dental services for everyone in your household.

Benefits include:

  • National network of 75,000 dental providers
  • Savings on specialist work such as braces, cosmetics, oral surgery, root canals, gum treatment, and pediatric dentistry
  • All ongoing dental problems are accepted except for orthodontic treatment already in progress
  • No deductibles, co-pays, paperwork or claims process
  • No age limits or limits on visits or services
  • Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic discounts also included
  • No waiting period, start the plan TODAY

Get more information here or contact me at 888-793-8417.

In addition, you can upgrade your plan to include the following medical benefits:

  • Telemedicine (365-day-a-year 24-hour access to a MD for informational or diagnostic consultation for certain types of conditions by phone)
  • Hospital Advocacy
  • General medical discounts
  • Hearing
  • Podiatry
  • Labwork
  • .... and more!

Know someone who needs any of these types of savings?  Help them save on their medical/dental expenses and your next meal is on me!


Receive a $25 gift certificate when your friend or family member starts one of our plans.

Share this information with them and tell them to let me know you sent them (you BOTH will receive a gift certificate!) or provide their contact information here.

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