How to Get a Free Massage (Really!)

How to Get a Free Massage (Really!)

Did you know that getting a massage has health benefits, aside from the obvious stress relief? I used to think of massages more in that way or in terms of therapy following an injury, but I learned today after getting my first ever massage that one of those health benefits is ridding the body of toxins. I was advised afterwards to be sure and drink plenty of water today due to these being released during a massage.

In a world where constant exposure to toxins is a daily reality, the need for cleansing our bodies of them cannot be understated. We have struggled with allergies in our family, our son having the greatest issues with his eczema. Thankfully, after much research and many changes to our diet and environment at home, with toxin exposure reduction being one of the goals, the eczema rarely bothers him now!

You will be amazed at the before and after picture of his legs after we had just begun an allergy makeover. As a mama who wants her children to enjoy good health, I have been overjoyed at the progress I have seen with my son.

Sometimes our health suffers as we begin getting older or as our bodies suffer “wear and tear”, whether we put them through more than they can handle through athletics or sometimes through pregnancy and delivering babies. For me, I started having some symptoms I spoke to my doctor about recently, and she suspects it’s a sciatic nerve issue.

The power of social media

My first thought was, I’m too young for that! I even shared on my personal page the following:


Now, there are days when I could really do without the drama that occurs often on social media. It's the introvert and disdain for drama in general in me! But on this day I shared this, Facebook was my BFF. One friend commented and said she was 29 when she first started experiencing back problems, so I guess the reality is that back issues aren't necessarily a respecter of persons or age.

Another friend was kind enough to comment asking if I’d be interested in a free massage. My response was, “Sign me up!

So today I got my first professional massage for free! And let me tell you the experience met all of the positive expectations I had.

Massage Room

When I walked in, the lights were dim and there was beautiful relaxing music playing. The massage therapist prepared the table with sheets and left for me to get undressed, down to my underwear.

Once I was under the sheet, I was given the option of keeping or removing my bra. Lying on my back, she started with my head and worked down to my chest, then my shoulders and arms out to my fingertips and then my legs down to my toes. I rolled over onto my stomach and she worked on the backs of my legs and then ended with my back.

As I got up to get dressed, I noticed my muscles felt like spaghetti noodles they were so relaxed!  I started my day in pain for the first time since having these issues, but after this free massage the rest of my day has been pain-free!

How to get a free massage

Did you know you can get a free massage, too? Even if your back is perfectly fine, massages are great for overall health and wellbeing as a stress reliever and, as I mentioned earlier, for eliminating toxins from the body.

Technical College for Massage Therapy Program

I learned today from the amazing lady who gave me mine that massage therapy schools require their students to do a certain number of massages as a part of their training.

She has to do 50 and I was #29. My son decided he wants one, too, and she does children so we’re going back for his soon.

Massage Therapy Schools by StateYou can click on this map (and scroll down the page until you see the map) to check for massage therapy schools in your area to contact and find out if you can schedule a massage.

It’s definitely a win-win … the massage therapist-in-training will fulfill his/her requirements for school and you get to do something special for yourself that your body will thank you for, and maybe your family, too, when you are a more relaxed and less stressed version of yourself for the day!

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  1. Even a bad massage is good, so sign me up! Now I have to find a school :)
    Heather D. (@GirlGoneMom) recently posted…FabKids Spring StylesMy Profile

  2. Good tip! I never knew you could get a free massage.

  3. i have never had a massage other than my husband giving me one. It sure would be great to get a professional massage.

  4. Pam

    I love a good massage. I need to see if there is a massage therapy school near me. That would be great.

  5. I have to check out the school in my area. I want my free massage!
    coolchillmom recently posted…Celebrate Heritage with Bilingual Fashion Dolls Vi and VaMy Profile

  6. So interesting. I knew their were dental schools that sort of did this but not massage schools. Cool.

  7. Wow, I did not know about that. That’s a really cool way to get a massage and help out a student.
    Liz Mays recently posted…Bloodline Netflix – A Can’t Miss Psychological Thriller #StreamTeamMy Profile

  8. This is great! I’ve never had a massage before… Well, not an official professional one. Thanks for the tip!

  9. I never knew that getting a message had health benefits. I will have to check to see if I can get a free massage.

  10. What a great idea! I love getting massages and never thought about trying massage schools for a free one!
    Lois Alter Mark recently posted…my #thatsabuick moments at the final fourMy Profile

  11. I have taught my 13 yr old how to massage my back in ways that help, but I do pay her $1. LOL! I think this is a much better idea, I’m going to have to look into this. I’ve been needing a massage and they’re not cheap if you need to go once a week like I do.
    Lesley recently posted…Day 42 Mynt Core 8-Week ChallengeMy Profile

    • My son is 8 and he has already started learning (from Daddy). :) But like you … professional is a better idea when possible I think! Although, I won’t turn any down at home from family too. ;)

  12. I’ve had massages from students. Some good some not. It’s a crap shoot.

  13. A free massage sounds amazing, I would love to get one; it’s been way too long since I have last ever had a really good one!

  14. This is good to know. I haven’t had a professional massage in a really long time and I could totally use one.
    toughcookiemommy recently posted…Regain Your Freedom And Get Your Life Back! #Underwareness @Depend #AdMy Profile

  15. I’m all for free massages! Sign me up as well :P
    Annie M recently posted…Happy First Birthday Libby!My Profile

  16. I’ve heard the sciatic never is nothing to mess with… I can’t remember much else about it though!! I would love to get a shoulder massage, this little cushion I have that does it doesn’t always do the trick for getting the ache out.

    • Yeah, Rosey … I am not 100% certain that’s what it is at this point. My doctor did give me some stretches to do, which have helped. Since it has gotten worse though I will go to the doctor soon and see if it can be determined for sure what it is! The back massage she gave me did take care of the pain for now though … she really spent time in the area of the pain I was having. I’m thankful that it helped! I hope you have a school near you and can get one too!

  17. This is good to know. I love massages but I find them a bit pricey so I will make sure to put your tip to use
    Ourfamilyworld recently posted…Comment on Rock Your Child’s Extracurriculars with these NO BAKE Peanut Butter Snack Bites with Dates & Pistachios by Michelle @ Dishes and Dust BunniesMy Profile

  18. I love getting massages. They help me feel relaxed and stretched out. I will have to see if there is a massage school near me.

  19. I’m IN! I used to get massages regularly. my back hurts so much because of a heavy chest.
    April G recently posted…Celebrate this Mother’s Day with @Theralight #giveaway #giftcardMy Profile

  20. I am all about getting my massage on! I go at least twice a month. I recently talked my skeptic husband in to going and he’s already asking to go back! And who knew you could get them for free?? I’m so looking into this in our area!

    • Tried to talk mine into one but he remains “not interested” lol … hope you have a school near you!

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