Top 15 Kids’ Dream Jobs and Summer Camps for Kids to Explore Those Interests

Top 15 Kids’ Dream Jobs and Summer Camps for Kids to Explore Those Interests

Did you know that it is estimated that as high as 80% of college students change their major at least once?

Or that only 19% of workers say they are satisfied in their jobs?

While there are likely a number of factors contributing to these statistics, it would stand to reason that one of them is that some were ill-equipped to make the critical decision of what to do with their lives when that time came. I find it interesting that we are forced into making this decision at a time in our lives when we are changing drastically, not to mention just starting to figure out and establish who we are as we enter into adulthood.

Yet, I don’t know that there is a good solution or way around this, aside from parents taking a more active role in helping guide their children or provide opportunities for them to think in different ways about the decision, weighing different factors and pros and cons.

I do realize this is easier said than done during the teenage years, a time when we don’t want to listen to our parents or take their advice, necessarily.

Which is why I think maybe we need to start much younger in talking a little more with our kids about what they want to do when they grow up and helping them explore those interests and identify and develop their natural talents.

Summer is a great time to help your kids explore their career interests!

There are so many different types of camp experiences to take advantage of.  Following are a variety of summer camps for kids or opportunities to explore for interests within the Top 15 Dream Jobs of Kids (based on 2012 data from Bureau of Labor Statistics):

Space Camps for the budding Astronaut

Adler Planetarium

Space Camp at U.S. Space & Rocket Center

Space Time Kids

Camp Kennedy Space Center

Virginia Space Flight Academy

Music Camps for the Musician-To-Be

Camp Jam - Power Chord Academy

Day Jams - Rock Music Camp

The Collective Sound

Camp Electric

Young Musicians Camp

Performing Arts Camps for the aspiring Actor/Actress

School of Creative & Performing Arts

New York Film Academy Summer Film & Acting Camps

Atlanta Workshop Players

Stagedoor Manor

Dance Camps for the future Dancer

Juilliard Summer Dance Intensive

School of Creative and Performing Arts Summer Dance Camps

Interlochen High School Dance Summer Programs

UNC School of the Arts Comprehensive Dance Summer Intensive

UCLA Summer Sessions: Dance Theater Intensive

York State Summer School of the Arts

Colorado Ballet Academy Summer Intensive

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp

Ideas for the future Teacher-of-the-Year

I didn't find any teacher camps, but one idea is to look into peer tutoring programs.  If you have a hard time finding something like this, perhaps contact your child's guidance counselor, who may know of some opportunities or may have other ideas.  A high school guidance counselor might be your best bet since they help students prepare for submitting college applications.

If your child wants to be a Math Teacher, there are a number of Math camps to check out:

Math Path

Math Tree

Math Camp

Stony Brook University Math Camp

Camps for the Firefighter and Police Officer "Heroes of Tomorrow"

Junior Firefighter camps by region

The NYPD has a Youth Summer Police Academy but if that's not an option for you perhaps check with some of the larger police departments closer to you to see if they have anything comparable or know of any other similar type of programs close by.

Opportunity for the Up-and-Coming Writer

Young Writers' Academy

There are so many opportunities with modern technology these days and with self-publishing options and personalized photo books you could help your child write and publish a short story over the summer as a fun project.

Crime Solving Camp for the Determined Detective

Crime Scene Summer Camp

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Camps

DC Crime Museum Summer Camp

Athletic Camps for the next great Athletes

I am sure there are tons of sports camp options but here are a few to get you started:

Preston Goldfarb's Soccer Camp

Skyhawks Sports Camps

Pro Ambitions Hockey Camps - New Jersey

Cal Sports Academy

Dallas Cowboys Youth Football Academy

Toby Mac's Junior Golf Camp

"Junior Vet" Camp

Junior Vet Camp for the aspiring Veterinarian

Science Camps for the budding Scientists

Camp Invention

Cub Creek Science Camp

Destination Science

Pali Institute

Mad Science

Aviation Camps for the aspiring Pilots

20+ Aviation Camps

Ideas for the future Lawyers

American Legal Experience by Education Unlimited

Public Speaking Institute by Education Unlimited

Saint Albans School of Public Service

Camps for the Doctors of Tomorrow

The Apprentice Doctor Pre-Med Camp

Camp Neuro

Camp Cardiac

Penn Medicine Summer Program for High School Students


With Summer fast approaching, if you are interested in any of these camps please be sure to check them out soon as deadlines for applications may be around the corner or programs may be filling up quickly.  In fact, I noticed that a couple of the programs are no longer accepting applications for this summer, but I am leaving them on the list for potential future consideration for those who may be interested in checking out the program anyway.

Obviously not all children are going to pursue a career in one of the top 15 dream jobs for kids category, but there are so, so many summer camp options you are sure to find something that will be a great fit for your child's interests.

Has your child ever had an awesome summer camp experience?

Know anyone looking for great summer ideas for their kids? Please share!

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  1. There is almost a camp for just about anything. I think it’s great to peak kids interest while they are young.

  2. Wow so many camps! My kids never wanted to go to camp, but I want to see what they think this summer. We’ve been doing homeschooling so I think a change would be nice for some of them.

  3. We’ve planned a ton for summer already, bridge that gap between school. Kids need to stay challenged and active. We can’t afford camp or anything so we do a lot at home or go places to keep them entertained

  4. My daughter loves art so we allowed her to attend an art camp which included Science. She loved it so much. Sadly it’s too expensive to resend her.

  5. Who knew there were so many? I think this is a great idea.

  6. We have so many camps for various interests in our area. Oh, and I changed my major in college about 10 times. :)
    Jaime recently posted…Guest post: Vacation must-sees in Asheville, NCMy Profile

    • LOL, Jaime. It just seems wrong to me for us to have to make this decision at this time in our lives.

  7. Pam

    So many great camps for kids that I didn’t even know about. The Junior Firefighter one sounds like something my nephew would be interested in.

  8. There really is something for everyone! I wish we could have checked some of these out when my kids were younger.

  9. I think summer camps are a great experience for kids. My daughter went to quite a few when she was younger.

  10. Those are a lot of camps in the neck of your woods! My kids do soccer camp and Apple Camp at the Apple Store.

  11. Sounds like a lot of great options for kids!
    Amber NElson recently posted…Amazon’s Best Book Picks for MayMy Profile

  12. I love that this list has something for everyone. There are so many choices for kids to explore.
    Paula Schuck recently posted…Juvenile Arthritis – What it Is and What it Does #healthMy Profile

  13. What an awesome list! Definitely great for aspiring kiddos to be what they want to be!
    Annie M recently posted…The Color Run San Jose 2015My Profile

  14. When I was a kid I always wanted to go to Space Camp and never got to go. I’m going to make sure my daughter gets to go soon!

  15. This is a fantastic resource! What better way to encourage a child’s interest?!

  16. I never loved my job. That’S why I started blogging. Those are great ideas to get kids to get the feel of the job
    Mykidsguide recently posted…Getting Crafty with Avengers, Teen Style!My Profile

  17. My kids loved going to summer camp every year when they were younger. My son took a year off after high school so he could be sure what he wanted to take in college. He just finished his first year of college and is happy with his choice.

  18. I really love this informative post. It sounds like we have lot of wonderful summer camp options for kids. My girls love to go for art camps. I love to share this post with my husband for my kids.

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