#MamaMoment: Clothes shopping with my 4-year-old

#MamaMoment: Clothes shopping with my 4-year-old

We went shopping today for a shirt for my daughter for a special upcoming family photoshoot.  Remember my recent choose your battles mama moment, where my daughter had her heart set on wearing her dress shoes with her very casual attire?  Yeah.

Well, she also often has her heart set on wearing dresses.  I would guess about half of the time she wants to wear a dress or a skirt.  So when I told her we would be wearing jeans for the photoshoot, I wasn't sure what type of response I would get.  As I was looking at shirts, she said, "Maybe I can wear a jeans skirt, Mama?"

That was definitely a compromise I was willing to entertain.  She picked out several styles as I was looking at shirts.  Then she said, as I asked her what she thought about a shirt I pulled from the rack, "I need options, Mama!"

So here is my Mama Moment Instagram from today's shopping experience.  Notice my son's approach to shopping for a shirt.  (He was more interested in looking at books.)



Any interesting Mama Moments in your life lately?

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  1. My boys are just as fashion conscious as girls. They are very fussy about what they wear.

  2. We took our Grandkids shoe shopping recently…. I was very surprised that a 1 1/2 year old has such an opinion on shoes.
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  3. I remember those days when my boys were younger. It certainly took a lot of patience and creativity to get through the whole experience.
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  4. My son is very picky about what he wears. I used to buy all my daughters clothes when she was this age. She would wear anything I put her in.
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    • I did pick out her Easter dress and she loved it, so it would probably work okay for me to pick her clothes out. It’s fun to shop with her even when she does get her heart set on certain things. :)

  5. Haha I can totally identify with this situation. Kids are so cute that way.
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  6. My daughter went through a phase of wanting to wear only wearing dresses. It drove us crazy

  7. My oldest is all about clothes. I can’t even go shopping with him because it’s worse than even with my girls! Lol

    • Recently my son decided he had to have a shirt and tie for church. It’s interesting because our church is generally laid back/casual when it comes to attire most wear. He has his moments but for the most part he is pretty easy going about it. lol

  8. Pam

    Neither of my kids were fussy about fashion when they were little. Now that my daughter’s grown up, she’s always trying a new clothing trend!

  9. For the most part, they always have a choice. They may not like their choices, but they always have a choice. Often because they know it’s either A or B, they’ll make a decision unhappily, but a decision nonetheless where I don’t have to fight. My mama moments come from my very laid back son who just doesn’t make a decision and does nothing instead.
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    • My son tends to be much that way also April! For the most part anyway …. there are a few things he’s pretty decisive about. :)

  10. A girl needs options for sure! That is so cute.
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  11. Dresses are all my daughter wants to wear and to top it off it has to be sparkly! She told me the other day that what I picked out for her was not glamorous enough, really she is 5 and we were going to church!

  12. That is so cute, there are tons of outfits!

  13. My kids are very picky about their clothes. I have a boy and a girl and they want to pick and choose
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  14. I guess I haven’t had any interesting mommy moments lately. Just been typical mommy moments for me :)
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  15. This is such a cute post. I was lucky and my kids were not picky about there clothes until they became teenagers.

  16. these are wonderful – reminds me of my niece who tends to pick her own clothes everyday lol.
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