We have saved so much with our son's asthma & allergy meds this year alone. The most recent was a rx for Auvi-Q, the price was $506.07 after showing the Ameriplan card we paid only $97.24 I love having the comfort of when Insurance won't cover a medicine that [your health discount plan] does!! Just the comfort a parent needs.  We were also fearing the price of braces for our boys. With no dental insurance we put it off.. well come to find out with [your dental discount plan] we are paying a total, for both boys, of only $3000. I'm shouting [about your dental discount plan] all over town these days. Every Household in America needs this!! Then normal [chiropractic] consults are $27 without xrays and such in our area. With [your discount plan] the consult is FREE and the provider I saw only charged $10 for xrays since I was a new patient.

Debbie H., Bartlett, TN
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