The Power of the Words Mothers Speak | Win a $100 Etsy Gift Card #Fotor4Mom

The Power of the Words Mothers Speak | Win a $100 Etsy Gift Card #Fotor4Mom

It didn’t take long for most of us to realize that the idiom, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,” is a lie. The fact is that words matter. Words are more powerful that we often realize.

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Words can hurt. But words can also inspire.

And build up.

And help heal.

the power of words

As mothers, we have such a tremendous amount of influence over the shaping of a person’s entire life. We have the power to speak words of inspiration and healing and words that will build our children up every single day of their lives.

Our children are only with us for a short while. Every parent alive knows how quickly it seems those years come and go, and we are left when they leave our homes wondering where the time went.

Just check your social media feed and look at the things your friends are saying whose children will be graduating in a few months from high school. Very often I see comments reflecting a feeling of shock that this time is already upon them.

Once our children reach that point in life, the influence we have over them changes drastically. And there are marks upon them of the type of influence we had while they were with us.

We have either helped mold and shape them into healthy, happy young adults, or our influence has done more harm than good, which will cause problems for them that may not surface until later on in their lives, depending on a variety of circumstances.

Mother’s Day is always a good time to not only celebrate the blessing and privilege of motherhood, but to also reflect on the type of influence we are having on our children. For me, I am always evaluating myself and trying to figure out where I can do better.

Because like most mamas, I want the very best for my children in every area of their lives. And I understand how crucial the role I am playing in their development is and that because I am human there will always be room for improvement.

3 Ways to Build Your Child Up

  1. Praise your child when you catch him doing something good.  My son loves to be praised, but don't we all?  Our world is so full of the negative ... we really need to make a conscious effort to focus more on the positive. It's important with this one to remember that words of affirmation is even the primary love language for some, so if it happens to be such for a particular child then words of praise are all the more important for him!
  2. Help your child to identify her strengths.  I think we all could probably use some help with this.  It seems much easier to know exactly what our weaknesses are because we see the results of our failures regularly.  We feel guilty for not measuring up.  It can help even us adults to have some feedback on what our strengths are, so let's help our children learn to have a more balanced view of themselves starting in childhood!
  3. Take notice of your child's interests and help him nurture and explore them.  This can serve to build up your child far into adulthood by helping him develop and become the person he was created to be rather than, say, the person you may think he should be.  What interests me may not interest my children at all ... we are each uniquely designed and it pains me to see parents trying to make their children fit into some notion they have when their child has interests that the parent doesn't understand or share.

And this Mother’s Day, I am especially thankful after a very tough couple of years with some personal family matters for a mother-figure who has had a very positive influence in my life. She was my foster mom for a few months during a time of major transition before my sister and I were adopted.

mother's day

This is a picture of us from during that time. I was too young to be able to recall now as an adult anything from that time of my life, but I have learned a lot about it in recent years, thankfully, as the knowledge I have gained has been a source of tremendous comfort in a journey of healing.

What kinds of positive influences has your mother or mother-figures in your life had on you? What are some of the most memorable positive messages spoken to you as a child?

You can celebrate your mother or mother-figures in your life this Mother’s Day in many ways.

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Speak something positive into your children’s lives today and every day … it only takes a few moments to make a major impact.

24 responses

  1. I always try to encourage my boys. I tell them that they can do anything they want to do, and they can!

  2. What a great post – those words as a child can mean everything and it is definitely good to encourage and support whatever. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…5 ways you know your friends are on holiday in the UKMy Profile

  3. It is very true that words, whether they be positive or negative, can have a profound impact on others. It’s important to think before we speak.
    Toughcookiemommy recently posted…Stay Safe Through All The Stages Of Your Life! #MasterLockProtects @MasterLockUS #Giveaway #AdMy Profile

  4. As writers, we know the power of words. As parents, those words are even more powerful.
    Lois Alter Mark recently posted…i’m off to puerto vallarta for the natja conference!My Profile

  5. I love the tips, really good! And that Picasso quote is great :)
    Marina @ Parental Journey recently posted…Awesome Star Wars Decor For Your ApartmentMy Profile

  6. The Picasso quote is wonderful. I do so much to try to build up my son. There’s no need to tear our kids down.
    Jaime recently posted…Book review: Everything You Ever WantedMy Profile

  7. words can either build you up or tear you down. The pen is mightier than the sword

  8. Great tips. Our words are really powerful especially to our kiddos. I always let my kids know they can do anything they put their mind to!

  9. DC

    Words definitely matter, and I didn’t have a lot (or any) positive things said to me was a child, so I’m very conscious of what I say to my own children.
    DC recently posted…Dial Has Great, New Products for Kids. Win Some Here!My Profile

  10. Kids always need words of encouragement. They should always have a positive attitude.

  11. Pam

    I love this quote from Picasso. You can never encourage your child too much. Building them up when they do something good is the best way to encourage them to keep doing good in the future.

  12. It’s wonderful to hear a Foster Mom story like this – and that you and your sister were adopted, together! I have a friend that fostered close to 30 children and she would agree encouraging words are what helps us as adults – and the Fotor site is really great along with the Etsy gift card giveaway – thx :)

  13. How amazing. It is true you have to instill a positive energy in kids for them to walk away happy and successful.

  14. That is a very good quote, just do what you love and you’ll surely find success if you give it your all; a mother’s words are truly powerful!

  15. I have not heard this quote before and Picasso is my favorite artist! What a great post!

  16. The power of words are extremely important and never to take lightly no matter what you standing may be, :)
    Aisha Kristine Chong recently posted…8 Shopping Tips that Every Teen to Mid-Twenties Women Should KnowMy Profile

  17. It’s so important to build the kids up! Now is the time, not later in life!

  18. I love this quote. It is so empowering. Thanks for the chance to win
    Ourfamilyworld recently posted…Last Day of School Fun with Mixed-Up TruMoo Double Chocolate Pudding Pops #TruMooMy Profile

  19. These are all great ways to help build your children up. There are so many things in this world that will try to tear them down. We need to give them as much support as we can.

  20. I always make sure i let my kids know when they are doing a great job at something. It is so important to help them build the confidence they will need as adults.
    Paula Schuck recently posted…Affordable Ontario Family Vacations at Carefree RV Camping Resort #YourCarefreeSummer #livincarefreeMy Profile

  21. Words certainly matter. Often times we don’t realize just how closely our children listen to us.

  22. Mother’s Day is always so great. It’s nice to take a day to fully appreciate one’s mother or mother figure.

  23. I love this post. I agree that it is so easy to tear down a child, but difficult to build an adult up. I sometimes wonder if I had been praised more as a child if I would have found my gift and worked on it throughout my life.
    Life as a Convert recently posted…Aybra’s Puppy Dog Birthday Party (w/ Free Printables)My Profile

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